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Pistachios – The small evergreen pistachio tree (Pistacia vera L., Anacardiaceae or sometimes Pistaciaceae) is native to mountainous regions of Asia, America and South Europe. There exist around 12 different types. The fruit is a drupe, containing one elongated seed, a green or violet kernel which is the edible portion. The fruit has a hard, whitish up to 2 cm long exterior shell. In September when the shell abruptly splits part way open there is the harvest season. The pistachio has a strong aroma. The drying process normally is carried out traditionally in the sun being constantly turned over.

Production Process: it is possible to eat the pistachio in its fresh condition, but toasted is tastes better and will have a longer storage life. Before and during the production process the fruit is carefully purified and assorted. Also foreign matter is eliminated at several stages of the production process. The part open pistachios are mixed in the roasting plant with abundant saltwater and then toasted in an oven for approximately 20 minutes. We emphasize on high quality in all stages.

Our product range consists of:

  • Green Pistachios
  • Peeled Pistachios
  • Unpeeled Pistachios

As origin of this kind of dried fruit Iran is mentioned.

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